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Welcome to the bridge that connects you to The Christ, the voice of God within you.

About Heaven's Gate Academy

God is not found in any group, book, or building. God is found inside of you. Our goal is to help everyone cultivate a practical and experiential relationship with God.

We are here to tackle a lot of contemporary questions about God, as well as equip everyone with healthy spiritual habits, practices, and deepen our roots in God's word.

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Drops of Water to Help You Grow


Access a wide range of topics written with Biblical references to address different questions you might have had. Engage us and others with your thoughts and further questions in our comments section.


Take the Word with you on the go! Listen to recorded zoom sessions on different Biblical, Religious, and personal topics as led by the Holy Spirit. Find answers to life-long questions, be inspired by the testimonies of others, practice guided meditations for the soul and spirit, and grow in your walk with Christ.

Study Guides

Access our pictographic study guides for deeper study and learning on various subjects. Prepare yourself to learn, unlearn and relearn. Above all, do not be afraid to ask questions!

Join the Academy

You're not alone. A new army is arising. They're seeking the Father's heart, they're encouraging one another, learning and equipping themselves with the Word of God, and they're growing as the good Lord helps them! Join a community of God's people and chase ten thousands.

- Bible studies - Tuesdays 7pm WAT
- Prayer meetings - Thursdays 9PM WAT
- Online meetings - 1st & 3rd Fridays 8pm WAT

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